Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital

Entrepreneurship provides a unique pathway for those who may wish to launch their own venture and/or join an existing start-up. And while start-ups offer traditional functional opportunities (e.g., finance, sales/marketing, operations), the nature of the work and compensation packages may vary significantly in a start-up company depending upon the stage they are in. This section will focus more on entrepreneurship from the perspective of launching and/or scaling your own company. 

Venture Capitalists provide capital to startups exhibiting high growth in return for equity. Venture Capitalists can be heavily involved in their portfolio companies, and although they are investors with financial modeling skills, entrepreneurial spirit and thinking is a necessary requirement. For individuals looking to pursue investment banking, consulting, or corporate development post-MBA, with a potential interest working for a Private Equity or Venture Capital firm down the line, becoming part of the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club will grow your repertoire and resume skills that can set you apart from your competition come recruiting season.

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